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The goodness of Apulia, without borders

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The new face of an old history

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The tradition that looks at the future

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It's the experience that makes the difference

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Patience, dedication, and team working

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To every place its vocation

Discover our products

Daria is the new face of a long family history.

The one of Andria’s Dairy and Addario family, that in twenty-five years has been able to transfer its acquired skills in dairy products specialized resale in producing its own brand cheeses, mozzarella and burrata cheese of high quality.

A very wide range of preparations, that welcome and honors the great classics of the apulian tradition without being afraid of testing new combinations of flavors.

In this synergy of forces – the tradition on one hand, innovation on the other – Daria has found its perfect identity. Imprinting it with all possible passion in every drop of milk that goes between its hands.


Quality is never the result of chance. We carefully select raw materials, we analyse and we put them in the hands of qualified persons.


There’s no future without past. Behind us, there’s the priceless value of centuries of history and tradition, that we don’t forget. In front of us, the certitude to make a good use of it.


Innovation is a state of mind, a constant tension towards perfection. For this reason, we love to imagine new borders of taste and modern way of consumption.

The right choice for professional cooking

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Burrata cheese handmade, as it was once. One of the absolute peaks of the Apulian dairy production, a handicraft wrapper of spun curd cheese filled with an irresistible mix of frays and a very fresh cream.