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The territory

Ideally situated between the sea and the hills of the Alta Murgia, the land of Andria has always been the dispenser of excellence, of precious oils and wines more and more appreciated as time goes by. The farms in stone and the ranches clearly speak of flocks and transhumance, pastoralism and of the great dairy art in Apulia.

It is in this scenario that begins the story of the “burrata”cheese of Andria, the pride of Andria’s Dairy and The Daria. All this has been made possible by working for decades in the consolidated and strengthened tradition through the adoption of modern systems that allow to raise the general quality of the products and satisfy the evolution of tastes and needs of consumers. Because respecting the land and the environment, as The Daria does through the accurate policies based on eco-compatibility, it also means to respect the people that populate it.